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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the products listed on the website halaal?
Yes all our products comply with Halaal standards.
we are certified with SANHA code S0048

Please feel free to call SANHA directly to receive confirmation.
Who do I contact when I need personal assistance with my order, or if I am experiencing issues placing an order?
You are welcome to contact Foodsolutions at  011 496 2196 you can also email us at . please be sure to contact them for anything you may need.
How do I register?
Navigate to the top right of our site click on register and fill in all neccesary information a email will be sent to confirm your acount.
How to order items on our site?
Select a desired product click on the add to cart button. Review your order and click on select terms of service and place order you will be asked to confirm your order afterwards. You will be taken to the payfast merchant to complete your payment.
I want to update the details of My Account. How should I go about doing this?
When you place order you are welcome to change / edit your billing address you will find the button on the left of your order.
How to change/delete item?
All you have to do is navigate to the right of your listed product you can either update the quantity or remove the product. If you wish to continue shopping there is a link on the top right.
Where to collect my order?
All orders may be collected at our facilities: 96 4th Street, Booysens Reserve, at the pre-arranged time.
How long should I wait for to receive my order(s)?
Depending on availability, orders can take up to a maximum of 72 hours to be processed. Once you order is ready for collection you will be contacted 24 hrs prior to the scheduled collection date.
What if the item I bought is defective?
The Foodmakers does not accept any returns to enter the production facility to ensure no contamination. If a product is not up to spec , the customer complaint register will be filled in,  A sample of the product will be sent to the test kitchen for analysing and if found unsafe , the product will be picked up by our representatives who will dispose of the food accordingly.   
Foodmakers ensures that all products are of high quality before reaching customers. Should it happen that your item is defective then please contact our friendly Customer Service line on 01149621196 or email us .  the time period for such a return is the same as any other return - 14 days after the item was received. A replacement item will be sent to you accordingly. Should it happen that we are out of stock, then you will be contacted by Customer Service, and you will be provided with store credit or you can contact our Customer Loyalty team for assistance.
I want to provide feedback about a product. How do I do this?
We welcome any feedback our customers can give us. You can place a review on a product by going to the product's page and adding your comment, or send your feedback to .
How can I pay?
At the moment we only offer a online payment option via payfast.
Are your prices in South African Rand (ZAR)?
Yes, all pricing is in South African Rand.
Do your prices include VAT?

VAT is shown separately.

Do you keep my credit card details?
No our system does not save your credit detials your credit card details are only used once logged in to payfast our secure payment gateway providers.
Will my information be sold to third parties?

Not a chance, your information will not be sold or passed on to any third parties. Foodmakers rightfully protects your information.


Address: 96 4th Street, Booysens Reserve
Mail: .
Phones: 011 496 2196
Fax: 011 496 1986


Monday - Thursday 7:00am - 16:30pm
Friday 7:00am - 13:00pm
Sat & Sundays - Closed

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