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Tips for your functions

How many snacks do I need to cater for my event?
Light Snack:
If you are only having a few snacks at an event, and not actually serving it as a meal, then we normally recomend 6 units per person. So if you have a light snack for 100 people then you would need app. 600 units to cater for the function. 

Starter before a meal (Eg: Buffet / Table Starter)
For a starter option, we recomend 3 - 4 units per person, you can serve this by laying it out on the buffet table, in baskets on a table or you can put 3 individual items on a plate if your starter is plated. 

Should you be providing snacks over a meal time, then we recomend 8 - 10 Units per person. So if you have a function for 100 people then you would need between 800 - 1000 units to cater for the function. 

This you may split up in sweet / savoury depending on the likes of your guests/customers. For Instance, a group of ladies might enjoy more sweet snacks than savouries, but on the other hand, a group of men watching the game may not want any sweet at all.
Consider your presentation.

People don't see what you've done before, they only see what you end up with. Even a scatterof herbs accross a finished dish will go a long way. 

For more ideas on garnishing, go to our 'How to Videos" and watch some videos on making simple garnish. 

Offer Novelty and Variety
Think about how often business people are in luncheon meetings these days.  Imagine how many chicken wraps, tuna sandwiches and potato salads they consume in a year. If you are looking to impress, think outside the box. Mix and match your snacks to be different every time. 
Foodmakers manufactures over 400 items, with our menu in your hand, you cannot end up with the same menu every time. 


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